Why are e-commerce photoshoots important for starting a business in kochi?

Product photography is essential for any e-commerce business. Customers can't see or touch your product, so you have to sell with images of your product. Providing professional product images can also increase engagement with your website and build customer trust in your brand.

For a business startup in Kerala, how long do product photoshoots last?

Depending on the type and amount of ad content required, a shoot can last from a few hours to several days. In addition, it depends on how quickly the team can come together to develop a clear vision.

In order to get a unique product photo, what steps do you take?

We try creative ways to get unique pictures. We shoot from different angles, take macro shots and use photo manipulation. We incorporate an interesting background. We also choose a unique format or style that allows your brand to promote itself. The more creative and direct to the target audience, the more your content will stand out.

How do you make packaging video content interesting?

We always focus on storytelling. We tailor your video to each social media platform. We also work on an interesting title and thumbnail. Our content will be ready to engage the viewer in the first few seconds for sure.

Is it essential to have a well put together plan before shooting a commercial product?

In any format, especially while shooting a video ad, one must have a clear plan. A well crafted idea with properties is required to capture all the details precisely.

What is the timing of a video commercial shoot preferred for building a brand in Kerala?

Timing of a video ad for commercial products is very important. It should be engaging as well as exciting. Keeping the optimal length in commercial ads will catch the audience better.

How much do you charge for e-commerce/ product shoots in Kochi?

Depending on the type and duration of the shoot, the budget will vary. Drop us a message and let us know the location, the type and duration of the event(s) and we will contact you back.