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A celebrity Photoshoot in Kerala just got better with the best trendy photographers  who capture the best moments of the celebrities and present them to audiences throughout the world. 

Lets plan how we capture those sleek poses and moments today.

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Photo Want is Associated with the top-rated celebrity photographers of Kerala. We contribute our sincere endeavors in every snap to give overwhelming features to your photographs which is the reason we are rated. With a getting-through enthusiasm for photography, Photo Want tries to make each effort an exceptional show-stopper. We are invested with industry-driving picture takers, gifted finish-up specialists, and creation specialists to deliver you the most ideal result.

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Customizable Shoot Plan For Celebrity In Kerala


Pre- Photoshoot

This is the time PhotoWant catches detail shots and the fervor paving the way to your shots. Here, we snap each picture's subtleties, similar to solicitations, footwears, make up kits, dresses, before-make up shots, and so forth.


The Principal Look

The principal look is a close and loosening-up choice to offer glowing celebrity. It additionally permits us to have an opportunity to catch profound pictures, particularly when we just have restricted time saved for imaginative shots after the function


The Ego moment

We captures the cherishable celebrity moments that will document the memories of glowing splendor. As a rising star or already established star, you’ve got the time to flex your most loving fans spot.


The Experience shot

There is always a moment of reflection of how you started out on your career. PhotoWant will give you that classical shot that brings inspiration to your mentees.


The Entourage shot

When photoshoot location is slotted for an open park or public place, be sure to get the fans love. We’ve got the best entourage shot to blend your fans alongside your shot. Your fans would love to see this happen.

Unique Celebrity shoot Strategy in Kerala

With Decades of proven Experience, our team is prepared to Help you Achieve your goals and beyond.

Furnished with a group of imaginative and enthusiastically prepared visual experts, we furnish specific photography and videography administrations with the highest level of perfection.Photo Want’s proficient celebrity photographers in Kerala perseveringly work to give you the most uncommon memories as stupendous pictures. We utilize top-grade types of equipment and regular lighting answers for stunning photos you can always love. Being the best celebrity photographic artist in Kerala, we work with the most recent innovation and utilize imaginative thoughts and novel ideas to make your image and grandeur look extraordinary.

Top Asked Celebrity Photoshoots in Kerala

Outdoor Celebrity shoot

Nature has a way to reward gentle stars in the mildew by proferring sleek touches you never can imagine. The hues and saturations blend are just too natural to behold on the spot.

Themed indoor Celebrity Shoots

Get lightings, colours, pro-sleek engagements in our studio. Photo want has got the best studio partnership for your themed shoots


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  1. For celebrity shoots, you have two choices. Either themed indoors or outdoors! For outdoor shoots, we are lucky in Kerala to have so many stunning backdrops for photoshoots. We could meet at a beautiful park, a location that is special to you or even in your own garden. Some locations come alive at certain times of the year, for example when the daffodils are in bloom or the bluebells. We can discuss locations together in our pre-shoot briefing and find the perfect spot for our shoot.
    For indoor shoots, i have my studio here in which is perfect whatever the weather! My backdrop is white, which keeps things lovely and simple, plus it is warm and cosy in winter. Parking is easy and you only need to walk up the path.

We can fix any blemishes and enhance your best features.  However, We won’t make any changes to how You Look, as you do need to look “like you.”


We are happy to serve you anywhere in Kerala, But we have partnerships with top celebrity photographers in every state of India

Two weeks after our photoshoot, We will invite you to view the photos on a big screen at our studio or We can email the images over to you. We can help you decide how you want to transform your chosen images into canvasses, box frames, framed pictures or keep them as digital images.

For Celebrity shoots, sessions typically last up to  2-6 hours including makeup. This may change according to the requirement. We will plan the shoot based on your schedule and availability, so we shall give you a clear picture once we set up an online meeting with you.

It all depends on how busy we are for that day, If we have multiple clients to render services to, your chances of getting your edited pictures is specifically based on “First come first serve”.  If we are less busy, your chances of getting your pictures before 48hrs is sure.