The Indian fashion and entertainment industry has grown tremendously, creating many opportunities for aspiring models. While major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore have some renowned modeling agencies, there are now specialized agencies in other cities that nurture fresh talent.

For beginners trying to break into modeling, joining an agency helps get the proper exposure, training, and launch pad. Here we list the top 10 modeling agencies for beginners in India.

Top 10 Best Modeling Agencies for Beginners in India

1. AELANZ Modelling

Aelanz Modelling Agency, based in Delhi, has launched many successful ramp and commercial models since 1989. They are one of the best agencies for beginners providing training in grooming, ramp walk, photoshoots, auditions, makeup, fitness, portfolio development, etc. 

Aelanz models have walked the ramp for major fashion weeks and been part of campaigns for leading brands.

2. Adore Artists

Adore Artists agency, based in Mumbai, holds auditions for fresh faces who wish to enter the field of modeling and acting. New models can participate in workshops conducted by experts to train them in skills like ramp walks, postures, acting, dance, and fitness. 

Adore places trained beginners for catalogs, e-commerce shoots, TVCs, music videos, etc.

3. New Indian Models

New Indian Models agency based in Delhi holds auditions across India to scout for new talents interested in fashion modeling. Beginners undergo training for styling, makeup, portfolio shoots, ramp walk, fitness, skincare, etc. 

NIM has provided a break for many newcomers in major fashion weeks, designer campaigns, and shoots.

4. Modelz World Modelling 

Modelz World agency based in Hyderabad nurtures aspiring models through its finishing school. Intensive workshops focus on grooming, style, photoshoot skills, portfolio development, auditions training, etiquette, and personality development for beginners. 

The agency has launched fresher models with leading brands and regional designers.

5. GNG Models

GNG Models, based in Noida, provides training in ramp walk, fitness, diction, makeup, confidence building, and portfolio development for new models. Beginners get to sharpen their skills at their fashion shows and photoshoots. 

GNG models are placed in Punjabi films, songs, ads, and fashion projects as beginner opportunities.

6. Model Makers

Model Makers agency based in Delhi nurtures aspiring models through their finishing school. Their workshop for beginners covers fitness, skincare, hair care, styling, photoshoot practice, audition training, and confidence building. 

Model Makers has provided many launching opportunities to their trained fresher models.

7. Inscreens Modeling Agency

Inscreens Modeling Agency, based in Chennai, trains newcomers who wish to start a career in modeling. Their grooming sessions focus on auditions, model portfolios, photo poses, ramp walks, skin, and fitness. 

Inscreens place trained models as beginners in fashion shows, catalog shoots, and ads for online shopping portals.

8. Kaalia Modeling and Talent Management

Kaalia Modelling Agency, based in Bengaluru, provides training from basics like grooming, styling, makeup, auditions, portfolio shoots, and ramp walk for fresher models. 

Beginners get to sharpen their skills at practice photoshoots organized by the agency. Kaalia has launched fresher models in Lakme Fashion Week, along with print shoots.

9. Fresco Modelling Management

Fresco Modelling Agency, based in Delhi, holds auditions for model aspirants new to the field. Shortlisted candidates undergo workshops on beauty, fitness, styling, photoshoot skills, and walking the ramp. 

Fresco opens launch opportunities for trained beginner models in local fashion events, print shoots, and catalogs.

10. Auraa Talent

Auraa Talent agency based in Gurugram nurtures newcomers through their model grooming program covering makeup, styling, posing, walking style, portfolio shoots, and auditions training. 

Beginners get opportunities to gain experience and exposure by participating in fashion shows organized by the agency.

Benefits of Choosing the Perfect Modeling Agency for Beginners

In the ever-evolving world of fashion and glamour, a well-aligned agency can lead, guiding you through the initial trouble and showing you a world of possibilities. Let’s explore the benefits of finding the perfect modeling agency as a beginner.

  1. Expert Guidance and Training

One of the most significant advantages of aligning with the right modeling agency is their expert guidance and training. You might possess raw talent as a beginner, but the agency’s seasoned professionals can refine your skills and mold you into a versatile model. 

From runway walks to photoshoot poses, their insights and training sessions will equip you with the tools to shine on the stage and in front of the camera.

  1. Access to Industry Opportunities

Navigating the modeling industry as a beginner can be akin to exploring a labyrinth. However, with the right agency by your side, doors to various industry opportunities swing open. 

Established agencies have a network of contacts, from renowned designers to influential photographers. This can lead to coveted assignments, magazine spreads, and fashion shows that catapult your career to new heights.

  1. Exposure and Visibility

In a world where exposure is paramount, the right modeling agency is a spotlight that illuminates your potential. Agencies with a solid reputation possess the ability to garner attention from industry insiders, casting directors, and brands seeking fresh faces. 

This exposure boosts your visibility and positions you as a serious contender in the competitive modeling arena.

  1. Professional Portfolio Development

A robust portfolio is your modeling calling card, and the right agency recognizes its significance. They guide you in building a portfolio that showcases your versatility, captures your essence, and leaves a lasting impression. 

With a well-constructed portfolio, you can make a memorable mark on clients and casting directors.

  1. Industry Insights and Trends

Staying attuned to industry trends and shifts is crucial for a successful modeling career. Reputable agencies are often at the forefront of industry developments, informing you about the latest trends, fashion movements, and emerging markets. 

This knowledge empowers you to evolve and adapt, ensuring relevance in an ever-changing landscape.

  1. Ethical and Legal Protection

Like any other, the modeling industry has its fair share of challenges. You gain an ally that safeguards your interests and well-being by choosing the right agency. 

Reputable agencies adhere to ethical practices and protect your rights in contractual matters, compensation, or personal boundaries during assignments.


The agencies covered here provide the proper grooming and opportunities for model aspirants starting their careers. Beginners can apply to suitable agencies per their location to kickstart their modeling journey. With dedication and the proper guidance, fresher models can gain a strong foothold in the industry. 

Each agency caters to the models with a unique approach. As you start this exciting journey toward fulfilling your modeling dreams, remember that each step brings you closer to the dazzling world of fashion, entertainment, and self-discovery.