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Unforgettable Moments Captured – Wedding Photography Service in Bangalore

At Photo Want, we understand that your wedding day is one of the most important and cherished moments of your life. Our Wedding Photography Service in Bangalore is designed to capture the essence of your love story and create timeless memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. With a team of highly skilled photographers, state-of-the-art equipment, and a passion for storytelling, we ensure that every precious moment is beautifully captured. From engagement photography to post-wedding shoots and everything in between, we provide a comprehensive range of services that cater to all your wedding photography needs.

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Wedding Photography In Bangalore

    Our Wedding Photography Services In Banglore

    Our team of passionate photographers is committed to delivering exceptional quality and service, ensuring that your wedding memories are preserved with love and care.

    Engagement Photography

    Love in Every Frame

    Our engagement photography service is designed to capture the joy and excitement as you and your partner embark on your journey together. From candid shots to beautifully composed portraits, our photographers will ensure that your love shines through in every frame.

    Bride to be shoot

    Radiant Elegance

    Our Bride to Be photography service focuses solely on capturing the radiant beauty and emotions of the bride. From getting ready to the final moments before the wedding ceremony, our photographers will ensure that every detail and expression is stunningly photographed.

    Groom to be shoot

    Sophisticated Charm

    Our Groom to Be photography service is dedicated to capturing the charm and sophistication of the groom. From capturing the preparation rituals to candid shots of the groom and his friends, our photographers will create a visual narrative that showcases the groom’s unique personality and style.

    Mehandi shoot

    Vibrant Hues

    Our Mehndi photography service is all about capturing the vibrant colors and intricate designs of this traditional ceremony. Our photographers have an eye for detail and will ensure that every swirl and pattern is beautifully portrayed, preserving this cherished tradition forever.

    Haldi shoot

    Golden Moments

    Our Haldi photography service aims to capture the joy and laughter as friends and family come together to bless the couple with turmeric paste. From the playful moments to the emotional exchanges, our photographers will capture these golden moments, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

    Gulabi shoot

    Blushing Bliss

    Our Gulabi photography service is dedicated to capturing the blushing happiness and bonding moments shared between the bride and her loved ones. From the pre-wedding rituals to the heartfelt emotions, our photographers will ensure that every blush, hug, and smile is beautifully documented.

    Reception shoot

    Celebrate Every Moment with Elegance

    Make every moment of your reception extraordinary with our skilled photographers. We capture the joy, laughter, and emotions that fill the air, ensuring that no precious moment is missed. Our team will expertly document your reception, creating a timeless album of memories.

    Nikah shoot

    Embrace the Traditions, Capture the Love

    The sacred union of two souls deserves to be captured with utmost care and respect. Our Nikah photography service captures the essence of this special day, preserving the love and emotions that fill the air. Trust us to document your Nikah, creating images that will transport you back to that beautiful moment.

    Pre-wedding shoot

    Love in Full Bloom

    Celebrate your love story with a pre-wedding shoot that perfectly captures the chemistry between you and your partner. Our skilled photographers will curate a personalized experience that brings out your unique personalities. From scenic locations to intimate settings, we ensure that your pre-wedding shoot is a reflection of your love.

    Post-wedding shoot

    Cherish the Journey Together

    Extend the magic of your wedding day with a post-wedding shoot that captures the blissful moments after the celebrations. Whether it’s a romantic stroll through a park or an adventurous shoot in breathtaking locations, our photographers will beautifully document your post-wedding love story.

    Destination wedding shoot

    Love Knows No Boundaries

    Transform your dream destination wedding into an unforgettable experience with our destination wedding photography service. Our team will travel with you to capture every moment, whether it’s against the backdrop of a picturesque beach or a majestic mountain range. Let us ensure that your destination wedding is remembered for a lifetime.

    Bachelor party shoot

    Celebrate the Last Days of Freedom

    Make your bachelor party an event to remember with our bachelor party photography service. Our photographers will capture the excitement and camaraderie between friends, ensuring that the memories of this special celebration are preserved forever. Let us provide you with fun and candid shots that reflect the spirit of your bachelor party.

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    – Complete Bliss Package: This package includes comprehensive coverage of your entire wedding day, from the pre-wedding rituals to the reception. Our team will capture every little detail and emotion, providing you with an extensive collection of beautiful photographs that tell the story of your special day. – Wedded Elegance Package: Perfect for couples looking for a shorter coverage on their wedding day. This package focuses on capturing the key moments, from the ceremony to the reception, ensuring you have stunning photographs to reminisce.

    Our Photographers

    Let our talented team of photographers turn your special day into timeless memories.

    Raunak Shankar


    A true artist with a keen eye for detail, Raunak has a knack for capturing intimate moments in a natural and authentic way. With his expertise, he will create captivating images that embody the essence of your love story. His ability to connect with couples and bring out their unique personalities shines through in his work.

    Praveen Nilgiris


    With a passion for storytelling through photography, Praveen has a talent for capturing emotions and weaving them into breathtaking images. His skill and creativity will result in photographs that perfectly reflect the joy, love, and excitement of your wedding day. Praveen’s dedication to his craft and his ability to put couples at ease make him a sought-after Wedding Photographer.

    With Photo Want Wedding Photography Service in Bangalore, we ensure that your special day is beautifully captured and treasured forever. Allow us to be a part of your journey, and let us create memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us now to reserve your dates!

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