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Welcome to Photo Want, your premier destination for Maternity Newborn Photography services in Bangalore. We understand the importance of preserving the special moments of this beautiful phase in your life, and our skilled photographers are here to capture the joy, love, and anticipation that surrounds your journey into parenthood. With a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs, we ensure that every precious moment is documented in the most genuine and artistic way possible. From stunning maternity shoots to capturing the innocence of newborns, our team is dedicated to creating timeless memories for you and your growing family.

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    Our Maternity Newborn Photoshoot Banglore Services

    With a keen eye for detail, creativity, and a passion for storytelling, we aim to create timeless images that will be treasured for generations to come.

    Mom to be

    CelebraEmbracing the Journey, Celebrating Youe the Radiance of Motherhood

    In this special service, we focus on capturing the beauty and radiance of expectant mothers. Our talented photographers skillfully use lighting, poses, and backgrounds to create stunning images that highlight the uniqueness of each pregnancy. From elegant outdoor shoots to intimate indoor sessions, we emphasize your natural glow and create a visual story that tells the tale of your journey to motherhood.

    Baby Shoots

    Little Miracles, Priceless Memories

    Our baby shoots are designed to capture the precious moments of your newborn’s early days. From their tiny fingers and toes to their adorable little expressions, we document every charming detail so you can cherish them forever. Our photographers are skilled in creating a warm, safe, and comfortable environment for the baby, ensuring that they are relaxed throughout the session. With exquisite props and creative compositions, we create captivating images that embody the innocence and wonder of your newborn.

    Baptism Shoots

    Blessings in Frames, Joy in Your Heart

    We understand the significance of baptism ceremonies and the emotions that surround them. Our photographers are experienced in capturing the essence of this sacred occasion, blending traditional and contemporary elements to create timeless images. Whether it’s a christening in a church or a intimate family gathering, we document the joy, love, and blessings that fill the air on this special day.

    Holy Communion

    Celebrating Faith, Cherishing Memories

    The Holy Communion is a significant milestone in a child’s spiritual journey, and we strive to capture the solemnity and joy of this occasion. Our photographers work closely with families to create meaningful and artistic images that showcase the child’s connection to their faith. From traditional church settings to outdoor venues, we meticulously document the emotions and rituals that make this sacrament a cherished memory.

    Family Portrait

    Love, Laughter, and Bonds That Last

    Our family portrait sessions provide an opportunity for the whole family to come together and create lasting memories. Whether it’s a milestone celebration, a reunion, or simply capturing the love and connection within your family, our photographers create beautiful portraits that reflect the unique dynamics and personalities of each member. With a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, we aim to capture genuine moments that will be treasured for generations to come.

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    Our Packages

    Package Tagline 1: The Complete Experience Our Complete Experience package combines the artistry of both maternity and newborn photography. From capturing the radiant glow of motherhood amidst picturesque backgrounds to capturing the tender moments of your newborn’s first days, this package offers a comprehensive documentation of your parenthood journey. Let us weave a story through photographs that will fill your heart with love and nostalgia. Package Tagline 2: Maternity Moments Our Maternity Moments package focuses solely on preserving the ethereal beauty of expectant mothers. We understand the importance of capturing the joy, love, and anticipation that surrounds this special time. Our skilled photographers will guide you in posing, wardrobe selection, and creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, resulting in stunning images that reflect your unique journey. Package 3: Newborn Treasures Celebrate the arrival of your little one with our Newborn Treasures package. Our experienced photographers are adept at capturing the innocence, tenderness, and purity of your newborn. From adorable poses to intricate details, we ensure that every precious moment is captured with utmost care and artistry. Let our photographs tell the story of your baby’s first days.

    Our Photographers

    Our newborn photography service in Bangalore offers couples the opportunity to capture these beautiful memories through the lens of our talented photographers.

    Raunak Shankar

    The Artist Behind the Lens

    With a keen eye for beauty and a passion for storytelling, Raunak Shankar is a renowned photographer in the realm of Maternity Newborn Photography. His ability to capture raw emotions and genuine moments enables him to create stunning images that evoke love and joy. With his expertise, Raunak consistently delivers awe-inspiring results, providing couples with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

    Praveen Nilgiris

    An Expert in Capturing the Essence of Parenthood

    Praveen Nilgiris is a dedicated photographer who is adept at capturing the essence of parenthood. His warm and friendly nature helps create a relaxed and comfortable environment for expectant mothers and their newborns. Praveen’s attention to detail and ability to capture fleeting moments result in photographs that beautifully reflect the emotions and love shared within a growing family. His passion and expertise make him an invaluable asset to our team.

    At Photo Want, we believe in capturing the magical moments of your journey into parenthood, ensuring that each photograph tells a story that is unique to you. Our dedicated team of photographers in Bangalore is passionate about blending artistry with technical excellence to deliver images that evoke emotions and create lifelong memories. Contact us today to schedule your personalized maternity newborn photography session.

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