Celebrating Motherhood: 10 Essential Maternity Photos to Capture

When it comes to pregnancy, they don’t call it the “glow” for nothing. Maternity photos are the perfect way to make this special time memorable- and (spoiler alert) they don’t even have to be cheesy. In fact, they can be downright gorgeous when done right. 

There are many creative options for motherhood photo shoots, from vibrant outdoor settings and unique props.

Ready to get started? Everyone should consider taking 10 amazing maternity photos before their baby arrives.

10 Maternity Photos Everyone Should Take

The journey of motherhood is an intense and transformative experience filled with moments of joy, anticipation, and love. Maternity photography is a beautiful way to capture this unique time, preserving memories of the emotional journey and the physical changes. It celebrates life, love, and the incredible motherhood journey.

Every maternity photoshoot should aim to capture the mother’s evolving form and the emotions and relationships that are deepening and changing.

From solo portraits to heartwarming family shots, certain photos beautifully encapsulate this journey. 

1. The Belly Profile

This is the quintessential maternity photo. It highlights the beautiful, rounded shape of the pregnant belly, capturing the essence of pregnancy.

2. The Silhouette

A silhouette shot, with the pregnant form outlined against a bright background, can be incredibly striking. It’s a dramatic and timeless way to capture the physical changes of pregnancy.

3. The Belly Close-Up

This shot focuses on the belly, often with hands gently cradling it. It’s a lovely way to capture the intimate connection between the mother and her unborn child.

4. The Lifestyle Shot

These are casual shots capturing everyday moments – perhaps reading a baby book, setting up the nursery, or simply relaxing at home. They provide a candid glimpse into the expectant mother’s life.

Capturing Connection and Emotion

While the physical changes of pregnancy are essential to document, the emotional journey and deepening relationships are equally significant. The following photo ideas aim to capture these aspects:

5. The Partner Shot

Photos featuring the expectant mother with her partner can be incredibly touching. They capture the shared anticipation and joy and the deepening bond between the couple.

6. The Sibling Shot

If there are older siblings, their involvement in the photo shoot can result in some genuinely heartwarming moments. Their curiosity, excitement, or confusion about the impending arrival can be quite endearing.

7. The Family Pet Shot

In many homes, pets are considered part of the family. Including them in the maternity photoshoot can add a fun and unique element.

8. The Letter Board Announcement

A popular trend in maternity photography is to include a letter board with a funny or sweet message. It’s fun to share the pregnancy news or express the family’s excitement.

Adding a Personal Touch

Consider incorporating elements that reflect your personality, interests, or heritage to make your maternity photos unique. 

The following ideas can add a personal touch to your photos:

9. The Hobby Shot

Incorporating hobbies or interests in your maternity photos can make them more personal and meaningful. Whether it’s a musical instrument, a favorite book, or even a yoga pose – these elements can tell a richer story.

10. The Heritage Shot

For those with a strong connection to their cultural background, incorporating heritage elements can add depth and significance to the photos. It could be a traditional outfit, a symbolic artifact, or a culturally significant location.

Timeless vs. Trendy

While it can be fun to incorporate current trends in your maternity photos, it’s worth considering the timeless appeal of your images. Trends come and go, but these photos will be forever treasured. 

Classic poses, genuine emotions, and personal touches often stand the test of time.

Location, Location, Location

Your photoshoot’s location can significantly influence your photos’ mood and aesthetic. Choose a location that resonates with your personal style and comfort, whether it’s the comfort of your home, the grandeur of a scenic outdoor place, or the simplicity of a studio setup.

  • Home: Capturing photos at home can result in intimate and genuine images. Your home is a significant part of your story, making it a meaningful photo backdrop.
  • Outdoors: Nature can provide a stunning backdrop for maternity photos. Whether it’s a local park, a beach, or a forest, outdoor locations offer diverse and beautiful scenery.
  • Studio: A studio offers a controlled environment, perfect for minimalist and focused images. Studio maternity photos can be incredibly striking with the proper lighting and setup.

Dressing for the Occasion

What you wear for your maternity photoshoot can significantly impact the final images. Comfort should be your primary concern, but you also want to feel confident and beautiful.

  • Form-fitting clothes: Clothes that hug your belly can beautifully highlight your pregnant form. Maxi dresses, bodycon dresses, or a simple fabric wrap can all work well.
  • Comfortable and casual: Casual clothes can make your photos feel more authentic and relaxed. A simple top, jeans, a cozy sweater, or even your comfy pajamas can be great options.
  • Go bold: If it suits your personality, consider going bold with your outfit. A dramatic gown, a vibrant color, or even a tasteful boudoir-style outfit can make a powerful statement.


Ultimately, your maternity photos should reflect your unique journey into motherhood. These photos will serve as cherished reminders of this particular time, capturing your glowing form and the transformative period’s anticipation, love, and joy. 

So, whether you prefer intimate portraits or fun family shots, remember to make them personal, meaningful, and above all, enjoy the process. 

After all, the best photos are often the ones where the joy and love shine through, making every image a celebration of life.

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