Top 10 Must-Have Shots for a Standout Modeling Portfolio

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As a model, it is crucial to have professional images to reflect your various looks and unique features. Putting together a fantastic portfolio with the right photos can help you stand out in front of potential clients and casting directors. 

This list includes the top 10 shots that new models should include in their portfolios to impact industry professionals and secure more bookings. 

Each shot demonstrates features necessary for success which will be highlighted throughout this blog post. Adding these high-quality images to your modeling portfolio will make you one step closer to launching your career.

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Top 10 Shots to Include in Your Modeling Portfolio

A modeling portfolio is your professional calling card, showcasing your talent and versatility as a model. Having a well-rounded portfolio that highlights your strengths and demonstrates your ability to work in various settings and styles is crucial.

Here are the top 10 shots every model should include in their portfolio to make a strong impression on agents, clients, and photographers.

  1. Headshot

A professional headshot is the cornerstone of any modeling portfolio. This close-up shot should capture your natural beauty and showcase your facial features. Ideally, your headshot should be taken with minimal makeup and simple hairstyling to emphasize your unique qualities. 

A great headshot will help agents and clients recognize your potential as a model.

  1. Full Body Shot

Full body shots allow agents and clients to see your overall physique and proportions. Be sure to include a photo of your form-fitting clothing, such as a fitted dress, jeans, or leggings, to highlight your body shape. 

This shot should be taken in a neutral pose with good posture and a confident expression.

  1. Swimsuit or Lingerie Shot

Swimsuit or lingerie shots demonstrate your confidence and comfort in front of the camera while showcasing your physique. Choose outfits that flatter your body type and make you feel confident. 

Ensure these shots are tastefully done, emphasizing your professionalism and versatility as a model.

  1. Commercial Shot

A commercial shot showcases your ability to model for mainstream advertisements and lifestyle brands. 

This image should feature you in a natural setting, such as a park or café, with a relatable and approachable expression. Including a commercial shot in your portfolio demonstrates your potential for a wide range of modeling opportunities.

  1. Editorial Shot

Editorial shots are typically more artistic and high-fashion, showcasing your ability to work in fashion editorials and high-end campaigns. 

These images should highlight your creativity and ability to pose uniquely and dynamically. Collaborate with a talented photographer to create striking, memorable images showing your editorial prowess.

  1. Beauty Shot

A beauty shot is a close-up image focusing on your face, hair, and makeup. This shot should emphasize your facial features, complexion, and bone structure. 

Collaborate with a skilled makeup artist and hairstylist to create a look that enhances natural beauty and aligns with current beauty trends.

  1. Outdoor Shot

Including an outdoor shot in your portfolio demonstrates your versatility and adaptability as a model. Outdoor shots range from casual, natural settings to dramatic, high-fashion scenes. 

Experiment with different locations, lighting, and weather conditions to create a diverse range of images that showcase your ability to work in various environments.

  1. Studio Shot

A studio shot highlights your ability to work in a controlled environment, showcasing your posing skills and interaction with the camera. Studio shots often have a clean, minimalist background, allowing you to be the image’s focal point. 

Experiment with different lighting setups and angles to create various looks that demonstrate your range as a model.

  1. Action or Movement Shot

An action or movement shot captures your ability to convey emotion and energy through movement. 

It could include jumping, running, dancing, or other dynamic poses showcasing your athleticism and grace. Including an action shot in your portfolio will demonstrate your versatility and ability to bring life and energy to a photo shoot.

  1. Personal Style Shot

Finally, a personal style shot allows you to express your unique fashion sense and personality. This image should feature an outfit that reflects your style and makes you feel confident. 

By including a personal style shot in your portfolio, you’re giving agents and clients a glimpse into your brand and what sets you apart from other models.

Benefits of Having These Must-Have Shots in Your Portfolio

  • Showcasing Versatility and Range

Including various shots in a modeling portfolio demonstrates the model’s ability to adapt and excel in different types of modeling work, showcasing their range and versatility to potential clients.

  • Highlighting Natural Beauty and Unique Features

A modeling portfolio with high-quality headshots and beauty shots helps to showcase the model’s natural beauty and unique features, making them stand out from the crowd and attracting potential clients.

  • Providing a Clear Representation of Body Type and Posture

A full-length shot clearly represents the model’s body type, height, and posture, which is crucial information for clients looking to hire models for specific projects.

  • Demonstrating the Ability to Tell a Story or Convey a Mood

Editorial shots are an excellent way for models to showcase their creativity and ability to convey a specific mood or tell a story through their modeling work.

  • Providing a Relatable Image for Commercial Advertisements

Commercial shots are straightforward and relatable images suitable for commercial advertisements, showcasing the model’s natural charm and ability to connect with the audience.

  • Showcasing Fitness and Athletic Abilities

A fitness shot showcases the model’s fitness and athletic abilities, making them an excellent choice for fitness and sports-related modeling work.

  • Demonstrating Walking and Posing Abilities on the Runway

A runway shot is crucial for models who want to work in the fashion industry, demonstrating their ability to walk and pose on the runway with poise and confidence.

  • Showcasing Creativity and Individuality

Artistic shots are an excellent way for models to showcase their creativity and individuality, helping them to stand out and make a lasting impression on potential clients.


A diverse and well-rounded modeling portfolio is essential for making a strong impression on agents, clients, and photographers. 

Including these top 10 shots in your portfolio will showcase your versatility, talent, and potential as a successful model. 

Remember that a great portfolio is an ongoing project, so continue updating and refining it as you gain more experience and explore new styles and opportunities in the modeling world.

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