Glamour Unveiled: Exploring the Top 10 Modeling Agencies in West Hollywood

As a hub for fashion, media, and celebrity, it’s no surprise that West Hollywood is home to some of the top modeling agencies in Los Angeles. For models looking to get signed or take their careers to the next level, West Hollywood agencies provide unparalleled fashion, commercial print, promotions, and more opportunities.

In this blog post, we’ll count down the 10 leading modeling agencies in West Hollywood and what they can offer talent. From industry giants to boutique star-makers, these are the top names that models should have on their radar.

Let’s get started.

Top 10 Modeling Agencies in West Hollywood

  1. Ford Models Los Angeles

Part of the renowned Ford Models network, the Los Angeles office represents models for major fashion and beauty brands. Ford LA has launched and managed the careers of titans like Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton. 

They seek out fresh new faces with both conventional and unconventional looks. 

Once signed, models gain access to Ford’s coveted development programs to sharpen their skills in front of any camera.

  1. L.A. Models

L.A. Models develops some of the most in-demand talent working today. Their roster includes A-list names like Emily Ratajkowski and Ciara. As a full-service agency, they represent men, women, and children for fashion shows, print ads, commercials, and promotions. 

L.A. Models has the connections and expertise to open doors for new and established models in Los Angeles and globally.

  1. Two Management

Two Management takes a selective, boutique approach to model management. As one of the top agencies in L.A., they represent just 25 models at a time. But those select few gain invaluable guidance advancing their careers. 

Two Management does development the right way – no shortcuts to success. Guided by passion, integrity, and insight, they create long-lasting careers.

  1. Elite Model Management

With offices worldwide, Elite Model Management needs no introduction. Their elite division in L.A. represents top models that walk the runways of Paris, Milan, and New York. For new faces, their catalyst division seeks out fresh talent and helps them gain invaluable experience. 

Elite has created some of the fashion industry’s most recognizable faces. Models know they can trust Elite to take their careers to new heights.

  1. The Lions Model Management

The Lions represent some of the most in-demand models working in L.A. Their diverse roster reflects a commitment to inclusive representation. 

Whether it’s fashion, beauty, fitness, art, or influencers, The Lions seek talent that makes an impact. 

They see themselves as partners in a model’s success, providing hands-on career coaching and access to premium clients.

  1. DT Model Management

While one of West Hollywood’s most prominent agencies, DT Model Management prides itself on a personal approach. They represent men, women, teens, kids, and infants for work locally and internationally. 

At DT, models gain access to development workshops, styling services, photography resources, and connections with elite brands. 

For those with real talent and drive, DT can launch a thriving modeling career.

  1. Models Agency

O Models specializes in promoting diversity in fashion and media. They represent talent of all ethnicities, sizes, ages, and gender identities. O’s models have walked for Moschino, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs. 

The agency celebrates unique beauty, inside and out. For models who don’t fit the conventional mold, O Models embraces and empowers them.

  1. IMG Models

The elite IMG Models has some of the fashion world’s most in-demand talent on its roster. Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Miranda Kerr, and more call IMG home. 

The L.A. office represents established models and guides to help new faces reach their potential. 

IMG is synonymous with excellence in the modeling industry. Landing representation with IMG gives a model’s career an undeniable boost.

  1. The Model Experience

As a launching pad for new talent, The Model Experience empowers aspiring models to build skills and confidence. Their training programs and workshops teach everything from runway techniques to social media strategy. 

By developing well-rounded skills, their models can thrive once they land an agency or management. For beginners, The Model Experience is a trusted stepping stone.

  1. Aston Models and Talent

The number one modeling agency in West Hollywood is Aston Models and Talent. Aston represents the full spectrum of models, from children to adults. Their talent appears in campaigns for leading national brands. 

Beyond representation, Aston provides training and development opportunities at their own Talent Studio. With a holistic approach to managing talent, Aston empowers their models to become well-rounded, confident professionals. 

For any model, being represented by the premier name Aston is a major career achievement.

Warning Signs A Modeling Agency Will Not Be Good For You

As a beginner in modeling, recognizing warning signs in modeling agencies is a crucial skill. Your modeling journey should be characterized by growth, professionalism, and genuine opportunities. Knowing to identify these red flags makes you better prepared to make informed choices. 

Here’s what you should remain careful about.

  1. Lack of Portfolio Showcase

A well-established agency typically maintains a portfolio showcasing its models’ work. If an agency fails to provide evidence of past successes or refuses to share its models’ accomplishments, it questions its legitimacy and the potential to secure meaningful opportunities.

  1. Pushing Expensive Services

Modeling agencies should primarily focus on helping you secure jobs and build a successful career. If an agency promotes expensive services like photoshoots or workshops that seem more about generating revenue than nurturing your modeling potential, approach cautiously.

  1. Limited Contact Information

An agency’s contact information should be readily available and easy to access. If an agency’s website lacks clear contact details or provides vague information, it’s a potential sign of unreliability.

  1. Overly Aggressive Behavior

Professionalism is key in any industry. If an agency’s representatives exhibit overly aggressive behavior, pressure you into decisions, or make you uncomfortable, their intentions might not align with your best interests.

  1. High Turnover of Models

Frequent turnover of models within an agency might indicate that models aren’t finding success or satisfaction. A reputable agency will have a roster of committed content models who have built long-term relationships.


The top modeling agencies of West Hollywood provide talent with the connections, coaching, and representation it takes to succeed in Los Angeles and beyond. For new faces, it’s crucial to research agencies that fit your look and goals. 

Once signed, trust your agency’s guidance and make the most of their invaluable opportunities. 

With persistence and the right representation, West Hollywood agencies can open the door for models to thrive in the competitive L.A. fashion and commercial modeling industry.

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