The Inspiring Journey of Lara Tabet – A Remarkable Rise

By Neeraj
April 15, 2023
Lara Tabet

Being a successful entrepreneur isn’t easy, but it can be achieved if you’re passionate and committed to reaching your goals. Many outstanding female entrepreneurs are making headlines in the business world today who show that ambition and hard work will bring success no matter what. 

Lara Tabet is one of those inspiring women entrepreneurs who did not have a short path to her unique journey to success.

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A Journey from Being a Hotelier to the Founder of Arab Fashion Preneur

Lara tabet

Lara Tabet is a shining example of what women entrepreneurs with determination, hard work, and ambition can achieve. Having risen to the top ranks in philanthropy & fashion, she has paved the way for other budding businesswomen looking to become successful. Just like her role model, Jennifer Lopez, her own story shows us the resilience that inspires ambitious professionals across both genders, not just females. 

Here’s a brief glimpse of her success story.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Lara’s journey shows us that reaching the stars with hard work and determination is possible.

It all began with her education in Switzerland, where she earned a degree in Hospitality Management. She then returned to Dubai, where her dad was a hotel owner with chains in Dubai, London, and Lebanon.

She started at the bottom of the hotel chain in the housekeeping department and gradually kept moving up during those years.

After gaining valuable experience in the hospitality sector, Lara made a bold move into the media industry. 

There, she quickly made a name for herself as a talented TV presenter and producer, hosting her show Societe and co-hosting the live daily morning show “City Women.”

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A Passionate Advocate for Fashion and Charity

You simply can’t keep a creative woman away from fashion. 

And women like Lara? Even more so.

With her energetic personality and love for fashion, Lara soon found herself in the world of high fashion. She was a member of the Arab Fashion Council and the official spokesperson for Arab Fashion Week for 8 long years since its introduction, she has been instrumental in promoting emerging talent in the Middle East.

She was gutted to see the decreasing opportunities for new models, which became her source of inspiration later on.

“My inspiration was triggered by seeing fashion entrepreneurs unable to develop their businesses because of a lack of connectivity and access to the right networks and contacts necessary to grow in any business sector. 

Fashion is a vast business; however, if it cannot foster new talent, then there will be no innovation, no progress, and the industry will die out.”

But her passion for fashion is not her only focus. Lara’s big heart and desire to help others have led her to support charitable causes.

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Giving Back to the Community

Participating in activities that give back to the community is a great way to contribute and make a positive difference. When we give back, we are helping our fellow citizens and investing in both present and future generations.

And Lara has known that probably all her life.

Her dedication to helping others extends to her work with UNHCR. Through her efforts, she has helped organizations that support children in need worldwide.

Her commitment to giving back to the community is a shining example for others to follow. If only every celebrity could follow her, this world would be a much better place to live.

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Luxury with Lara – A Brand in Itself

Luxury brands provide comfort and exclusivity that simply isn’t found with other brands. Not only that, but they are a symbol of success and sophistication. 

But finding a face that can be a frontrunner for that luxury brand is not easy. Lara was a well-known figure even 8 years ago and was being approached by numerous brands to be their face and get into their business development. 

This prompted Lara to develop the idea of giving luxury brands more exposure. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create Luxury with Lara,” a brand that eventually became synonymous with luxury and high-end living. 

As the brand ambassador and Middle East business developer for global luxury brands, Lara has played a vital role in expanding their regional presence.

Primary Goals of “Luxury with Lara”

  • Helping The Luxury Brands Grow
  • Tie Up More Partners & Investors With Them
  • Push Them Into the Biggest Retail Stores

Her tireless work ethic and a keen eye for luxury have helped these brands reach new heights. Luxury with Lara has hosted quite several extraordinary and rich events, like:

  • Fashion Wear

Lara’s renowned brand has helped her become a face of fashion wear events that showcased high-end, ready-to-wear collections from prominent designers and fashion labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Manolo Blahnik Shoes, etc.

She has provided fashion event participants exclusive opportunities to discover the latest trends, styles, and must-have pieces in luxury fashion.

  • Jewelry Launches

“Luxury with Lara” has hosted numerous exclusive jewelry & luxury watch launch events in the past, showcasing the latest and most exquisite collections from renowned designers like Dani by Daniel K, Michael Bruggler, and Orme Haute Couture. Through her brand, Lara has helped create a unique and immersive experience for guests looking for the ultimate class in fine jewelry & watches.

  • Beauty Brand Launches

At beauty brand launches, “Luxury with Lara” has introduced cutting-edge skincare and cosmetic products from top-tier brands like La Vida Clinic, Aviv Clinic, and Margy’s Monte Carlo Skincare. Lara is always on the lookout to work with innovative beauty solutions to give the best to people looking for top beauty brands.

  • Real Estate Events

“Luxury with Lara” has also organized real estate events, presenting elite properties and developments from notable realtors like Esmeralda Luxury Real Estate Developers to potential investors, providing an excellent platform to explore luxurious living spaces and investment opportunities.

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  • Car Launches

“Luxury with Lara” was honored to unveil the latest models of high-performance and luxury vehicles from prestigious automotive brands like Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce. Her audience was thrilled with the automotive excellence and innovation.

  • Private Jet Launches

“Luxury with Lara” has taken luxury to new heights by organizing private jet launch events, where guests can explore the interiors of state-of-the-art aircraft and experience unmatched air travel.

  • Fashion Weeks

During the fashion weeks, “Luxury with Lara” also collaborates with esteemed designers and fashion houses to present their latest collections. International Designer League, World Fashion Festival, World Fashion Festival awards, Middle East Week, Fashion Factor, and Tiffany’s Fashion Week are some of the most notable events Lara has graced with her presence.

The audience definitely won’t forget the Arab Fashion Week that Lara was the face of, for eight straight years. Her brand always tries to provide a glamorous platform for guests to experience the fashion world’s style, elegance, and creativity.

Lara’s Love for Fashion

Lara’s excellent sense of style and love for fashion greatly influenced her rise as a global icon. She has appeared in well-known fashion magazines in Germany, UAE, France, and other countries, sharing her thoughts on the latest trends and styles.

Her influence in the fashion world extends beyond the runway, as she often participates in high-profile events to support local and international talent.

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Lara’s Awards & Honors at a Glance

A renowned celebrity can impact society in various ways which are remembered for decades to come. Lara’s influence did it for all the right reasons, earning her many awards and certifications. 

The most notable ones include:

  • Social Business Excellence Award 2021
  • ATP’s Global Influencer Award 2018
  • International Eminence Excellence Award 2023
  • Global Influencer Award
  • Wetel Corporate Award UAE 2022
  • Global Excellence Award
  • Asia Fame Award Dubai 2022
  • Women Empowerment Award
  • S.H.E Excellence Award 2021
  • VIE Fashion Week Award
  • Miss Philippines Jury Member Award
  • Mr. Dubai Head Jury Award
  • Khatoon International Grand Jury Award 2022
  • Dubai Govt Award
  • NFL Award
  • Fashion Icon Award
  • Brag Award

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A Global Influencer with a Mission

Lara’s influence extends well beyond the Middle East. With her award as the Global Influencer of 2018 by ATP, she has proven her ability to attract audiences worldwide. 

This prestigious award further ensures her important status in media and fashion.

Through her charisma and magnetic presence, Lara continues to inspire people around the globe with her style, grace, and ambition.

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit

With a strong foundation in hospitality management, Lara has successfully transitioned into entrepreneurship. She has built an impressive business empire by combining her experience in the hospitality sector with her passion for luxury brands and high-end living.

Her journey demonstrates the importance of resilience and a willingness to take risks.

The Woman Behind Arab Fashion Preneur

The fashion industry heavily depends on the right faces to showcase its products. Without exposure in the media, fashion models won’t receive the recognition they need to get ahead in their careers.

And that is precisely what inspired Lara to get behind the creation of Arab Fashion Preneur. She’s mentioned it on several occasions:

“Arab Fashion Preneur is a platform for start-ups and established businesses. It highlights new trends, disruptive technologies, and innovative business models that will help transform the fashion industry. 

It will help nurture the fashion and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the region.Arab Fashion Preneur will host workshops, seminars, conferences, and fashion events to help network and nurture the industry in this region.”

As the founder of Arab Fashion Preneur, Lara Tabet continues to push the boundaries in the fashion industry. Her keen eye for talent and commitment to promoting sustainable and ethical fashion practices make her a visionary leader in fashion.

Through her platform, Lara supports the next generation of fashion designers and entrepreneurs, helping to shape the industry’s future.

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A Skilled Communicator and Presenter

Being a skilled communicator and presenter is an invaluable asset in our modern world. That’s the first thing everybody notices, right? That’s because clear communication conveys authority, radiates confidence, and builds trust with the people around you.

Lara has also excelled in this regard.

Her exceptional communication skills and magnetic presence led her to host prestigious events like:

  • ATP Tennis World Championship
  • Dubai World Cup
  • International Film Festival Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Her experience as a TV presenter and producer has enhanced her ability to captivate audiences, making her an in-demand presenter for high-profile events.

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A Role Model for the Modern Woman

Today’s women face the unique challenges of juggling a successful career, maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends, and taking time for personal growth and self-care. To keep up the balancing act, they need a strong role model to look up to – someone who embodies all of these qualities, a role model who shows that it is possible to achieve success without sacrificing important personal goals.

Lara Tabet is showing she’s the role model the younger women should look up to.

She is a true inspiration to women everywhere. She proves one can excel in multiple fields, including media, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and fashion, with determination and hard work.

Her achievements highlight the power of self-belief, demonstrating that anyone can break barriers and redefine success on their own terms.

The Power of Collaboration – An Important Life Lesson for Us All

Collaboration is one of the most powerful tools that you can employ. When everyone comes together to form meaningful partnerships, they can better use each person’s strengths and abilities to create innovative solutions to challenges. 

By working together, everyone can challenge ideas, break down walls of disagreement, and develop collaborative and successful outcomes.

Lara has employed that all seamlessly in her life and career both.

Throughout her journey, Lara has collaborated with numerous influential individuals and organizations. These partnerships have played a key role in promoting her career and expanding her skills. 

By working together with others, Lara has used the power of collaboration to achieve her goals and make a lasting impact.

Her collaborations demonstrate the importance of teamwork, networking, and building strong relationships in the pursuit of success.

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A Woman with a Heart of Gold – Humility In Success

Here’s what most of us absolutely love about Lara; her humility.

Despite her incredible success, Lara remains down-to-earth and focused on her most important role: being a loving mother to her two children. 

She balances her career and family life, proving that it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and media personality while still being present for her loved ones.

Lara’s humility and dedication have earned her the admiration and respect of her fans and colleagues. 

And who can disagree that she deserves it all, right?

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A Summary of Her Collaborations with Top Brands and Businesses

Lara Tabet’s impressive portfolio includes collaborations with numerous high-end brands and businesses, further solidifying her status as a global influencer and luxury brand ambassador. 

Lara’s exceptional skills land her opportunities to work for the King of Bahrain and she was invited to the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

In case you find yourself lost, here is a summary of the notable brands and businesses she has launched or worked with:

  • Linen Obsession – Offers luxurious and high-quality bed linens, bath towels, and home accessories to elevate your home’s comfort and style.
  • Kit & Kaboodle – A boutique store launched by Lara that curates unique and stylish children’s clothing, toys, and accessories, making it a one-stop shop for all your kid’s needs.
  • Dani by Daniel K – A renowned jewelry brand that combines timeless elegance with modern design, offering exquisite and sophisticated pieces for those seeking glamour and luxury.
  • Aviv Clinics – Provide cutting-edge, personalized medical programs that enhance cognitive and physical performance, enabling clients to achieve optimal health and well-being.
  • Aston Martin – A prestigious British luxury car manufacturer known for its high-performance sports cars, combining elegance, innovation, and unparalleled craftsmanship.
  • La Vida Clinic – Specializes in aesthetic medicine and advanced skincare treatments, delivering exceptional results through state-of-the-art technology and personalized care.
  • Aldo – A famous fashion brand that offers stylish and affordable footwear, handbags, and accessories, catering to trend-savvy and fashion-conscious customers.
  • Michael Bruggler Watches – A luxury Swiss watch brand known for its elegance and precision.
  • Margy’s Monte Carlo Skincare – A prestigious skincare line based in Monaco, offering high-quality products and spa treatments.
  • Orme Haute Couture Jewelry – A distinguished jewelry brand that specializes in crafting exquisite, custom-made pieces.
  • Valeur Absolue Fragrance – A renowned perfume brand that focuses on creating unique, luxurious scents with a touch of personalization.
  • Arab Fashion Council – As a board member, Lara played a significant role in shaping the future of the Arab fashion industry.
  • Arab Fashion Week – As the official spokesperson, she helped to promote and support emerging Arab and international fashion talents.
  • Friends of Rashid Centre – As a board member, Lara actively supports this charitable foundation in raising funds to help needy children.
  • Friends of Emirates Red Crescent – Another charitable foundation where Lara serves as a board member, working towards improving the lives of children across the globe.
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – Lara’s work with UNHCR has been a massive success in highlighting the plights of child refugees worldwide.
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix– Lara was responsible for covering the Abu Dhabi formula one Grand Prix
  • ATP Tour Dubai: Lara was also part of promoting the prestigious ATP tennis tour in Dubai

Along with these brands Lara is closely affiliated with many healthcare brands in the middle east like Al das medical group, Royal medical group, Champslysees medical And aesthetic center

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Extraordinary Journey – Extraordinary Legacy

As Lara Tabet continues to break boundaries and redefine success, her story is a shining example of the power of ambition and perseverance. 

From her simple beginnings in the hospitality industry to her rise as a media sensation, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and global influencer, Lara’s journey shows us the limitless potential of the human spirit.

As the essence of the modern, multifaceted woman, Lara Tabet’s legacy will surely inspire future generations. With a career spanning many industries, Lara’s story is a shining example of ambition, perseverance, and the power of self-belief. 

As her influence grows, her legacy will undoubtedly inspire countless others to follow in her footsteps, breaking barriers and redefining success uniquely.

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