Discover the Best of IFA: Tendenza’s All India Designer Showcase

Vishnu Valsan and team Indian Fashion Attire (IFA).

Kochi is not just a city; it’s the name of a meticulous, vibrant feeling that oozes out of its every street, every notch, every corner. 

The “Queen of the Arabian Sea” is an enchanting wonderland that exudes a fashionable character and charm, thus prompting Tendenza to present the Indian Fashion Attire (IFA), a Designer Showcase in Kerala

The show was an absolute hit, with applause and appreciation nationwide. It was met with a warm and enthusiastic response, just as all its other events have been in the past. 

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As an avid lover of fashion and everything stylish, I was thrilled to attend the recent Indian Fashion Attire (IFA). 

Memorable – if I had to put it in one word. 

The Illustrious Team – IFA Show in Kochi

From colorfully embellished sarees to unique, With marvelous jewelry by Parakkat, the audience celebrated the alluring aspects of Indian fashion and culture. 

It is no wonder why people came away from this event with an unforgettable sense of style and pride.

The show director and official choreographer, Vishnu Valsan, along with chief choreographer Hassan Jazz and choreographers Aneesha P A and Sajna Saaj, created a visually stunning and engaging event.

Chief coordinator, Juvin Paul ensured that everything ran smoothly and the audience enjoyed the show thoroughly.

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IFA – Show Highlights

The event was held on February 19, 2023, at Hotel Imperial Regency in Ernakulam, &  featured an impressive lineup of 53 designers and 150 models from South India. 

The production design was simply breathtaking, with a dreamy, ethereal runway that perfectly complemented the fashion on display. The show’s pacing set by Hassan and Aneesha was excellent, with each designer given ample time to shine without ever dragging on for too long. 

Managing a long list of models and designers is never easy, but Vishnu & his efficient management made it top-notch, seamlessly transitioning from one designer to the next and making the entire event feel cohesive.

The models, Sreya Vinod & Sujitha Surendran, were stunning, all embodying the spirit of the designer’s collection and bringing it to life in their own way.

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The Perfect Platform For Emerging Fashion Designers

Established fashion events usually feature only big-name brands in the industry; however, Tendenza wanted to honor diversity in fashion by providing a place for emerging talents to show off their styles. 

This incredible event offered a place for emerging freelance designers, boutiques, and fashion institute designers to showcase their latest collections, allowing small businesses to gain recognition and traction in the fashion world. 

To put it in simple words, it was a resounding success. 

IFA provided an excellent opportunity for upcoming models and designers; hence the show was an exhibition of talent, with stunning designs and intricate details on display.

The collection showcased at IFA was extraordinary, and people still can’t get over it.

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Bridal Makeover Contest – The Eyecatcher

One of the event’s highlights was the Bridal Makeover Contest, where the models wowed the audience with their stunning makeovers. 

The award-winning designers and models are:

  • Winner: Abhirami Sabarinath, Model: Krishna Rajeev
  • 1st runner-up: Neeraja raj, Model: Drishya Azhuvancheri
  • 2nd runner-up: Ajooba Rahmath, Model: Aswathy Menon k
Winner: Abhirami Sabarinath, Model: Krishna Rajeev
1st runner-up: Neeraja raj, Model: Drishya Azhuvancheri
2nd runner-up: Ajooba Rahmath, Model: Aswathy Menon k

The judges, Subhagosh and Dr. Bhanukalaivani had a difficult task choosing a winner with such impressive talent on display. I could see they were impressed by the skill and creativity, and I must say, I was as well.

The Stunning Atmosphere – IFA Show in Kochi

The show’s pace was perfect, with each designer and model showcasing their unique style and fashion sense. The dialog between the models, designers, and judges added to the overall experience, making it even more engaging.

The production design was exceptional, with lighting and stage setup complementing the designer’s creations. The score was a perfect accompaniment to the show, setting the mood and tone for each segment.

Cinematography and editing were also impressive, showcasing the designers’ works in their best light. The special effects were minimal but impactful, adding to the overall presentation.

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Key Takeaway – IFA Show in Kochi 

But of course, the main event was the fashion showcase itself, which did not disappoint. From traditional sarees and lehengas to contemporary western wear with an Indian twist, there was something for everyone.

What truly resonated with me was the passion and talent on display. The show’s focus on Indian fashion was an excellent opportunity for designers to showcase their talents and for the audience to discover the beauty of Indian fashion.

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