Next All-India Fashion Show to be Held in Kochi by Tendenza

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For its next All India Designer Fashion Show, Tendenza has decided to return to Kochi – a city that has proven to be a hotbed of fashion and creativity. Having hosted major fashion events such as Amazon India Fashion Week and Lakme Fashion Week, Kochi will now hold IFA. 

Fashion event organizer Tendenza will host the designer fashion show – IFA (Indian Fashion Attire) in Kochi on January 29, Sunday. Tendenza has received an enthusiastic response from local audiences during its previous shows- KFW and DFL. After the huge success of DFL and KFW, Tendenza presents the IFA fashion event where designers around India can exhibit their new collections. IFA 2022 expects to present more than 50 fashion designers with more than 200 models.

Show Highlights

This event aims to promote the booming fashion and modeling industries. In addition to showcasing Indian designers on a global scale, IFA is a great platform for them to get their brand out there. Here are the event details:

Event Details 

Fashion Show NameIndian Fashion Attire
Show DateJanuary 29 2022
Grooming DateJanuary 28 2022
Timing3:30 PM to 11:00 PM
Model Age Limit16 Years to 40 Years

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Exciting Opportunity for All Emerging Indian Fashion Designers

IFA will offer freelance fashion designers, boutique designers and institute designers to showcase their newest collections. IFA will be a golden opportunity for freelance fashion designers to connect to the fashion world. 

Many fashion events rely heavily on established brands and famous designers. IFA on the other hand, aims to give freelance designers the opportunity to participate to promote diversity and inclusivity in the fashion industry. IFA will provide valuable experience for emerging talents to discover new styles and trends. IFA strongly considers giving freelance designers a platform to showcase their work and contribute to the industry as a whole.

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Designers can present their collections to industry professionals and potential buyers in IFA. Additionally, participating designers will receive promotions via various media channels. Each designer will receive a certificate acknowledging their excellence and contribution to the fashion industry. Designers get to take advantage of these amazing opportunities in the IFA and they can get the following benefits:

  • Memento
  • Certificate
  • Stills & Videos
  • Channel Telecasting 
  • Photobooth Photoshoot
  • Grooming Support
  • Choreography Support
  • Makeup Assistance
  • Social media promotions

An Opportunity of a Lifetime for Models

A designer fashion show is a chance for models to showcase their skills and talent on the runway. Participating in IFA will give the models a chance to network with industry professionals, potentially leading to more modelling opportunities. Walking in a show also helps models expand their brand, increasing their visibility and credibility in the fashion world.

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Being part of a successful IFA can provide invaluable experience for models as they can create a modelling portfolio and continue to build their careers. Overall, participating in the IFA designer fashion show provides models with both immediate and long-term benefits as they strive towards success in the industry.

On the previous day of the show, IFA provides individual grooming sessions to models including ramp walks, poses and makeup trials. IFA will be a great opportunity for models and they can get the following benefits:

  • Certificate
  • Stills & Videos
  • Channel Telecasting
  • Photobooth Photoshoot
  • Grooming
  • Choreography 
  • Makeup
  • Social media promotions

Registration is still open and all the models are invited to participate. 

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Meet the Team: IFA Designer Show in Kochi

An experienced team of professionals and top talent is leading the show. Vishnu Valsan is the Show Director and official Choreographer of the IFA whereas Sidhi Nalakath is the Administrator of the show. 

Vishnu Valsan
Vishnu Valsan

Hassan Hazz and Aneesha PA take the role of chief Choreographer and assistant Choreographer consecutively. While Dileep Ponnai takes the role of Acting & Casting director, Juvin Paul is the Chief Coordinator. Jeeva Jose and Kavitha Vishnu are the other main coordinators of the event. The digital partner front & backstage Manager is Padmakumar. Also, the official makeup partner of the event is Udayanbai.

IFA Showstoppers

No fashion event is complete without the grace of showstoppers. The showstoppers of the event are Janani Rajan Ramesh, Wizakh, Zibin Albey Antony, Divya Jain, and Karthik Raveendran. 

Karthik Raveendran
Janani Rajan Ramesh
Divya Jain

Janani Rajan Ramesh has bagged the Mrs. India United Nations 2018 and Mrs. South India IMPS 2022.

Divya Jain is an international model who started her winning streak as a Next Top Model in 2018 and later continued to win Best Physique, Beauty with Purpose & Stylish Icon 2020.

Wizakh is an aesthetic model who has bagged several awards including Mr south India 2018-2019, Mr Kerala 2018-2019, Mr. Trivandrum- 2020, and Mr. Kottayam 2019.

Participants can now register for the event. The event will provide networking opportunities for attendees. 

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