Best Way To Find the Good Side of a Person’s Face

It’s your work as the photographer to make your subjects look their best and beautiful, and one of the initial steps to getting this going reliably is knowing how to find an individual’s “good side” for pictures. People generally say while clicking pictures…my right side is good. Oh wait I think my left side is good. You need to understand in a face like you there’s no bad side. In this article, I will explain to you how to find a good side on your subject’s face. 

5 Best Tips for finding the Best Side:

Don’t ignore the science.

Attempt to make symmetry and balance in the face to make our subject put their best self forward.

Always remember that photographing people is a relationship game. 

When I meet a model or a subject interestingly, I start a short conversation with them to loosen things up and keep in mind that I am doing that to concentrate on them. I focus on their character, their communication style, their personality and yes – their face – especially, I need to perceive how even their face is. 

Check for symmetry.

During our communication, I check whether the individual has an especially slanted jaw or smile or nose and in particular I am hoping to see which eye is bigger than the other. I’m additionally going to say the individual directly to smile and giggle during our discussion on the grounds that occasionally that will make one eye be significantly bigger than the other or in any event, for a smile to go crooked.

After I have collected all that information, I can start to settle on choices about camera points and lighting to complement the face. At this point, I realize what highlights I might have to hide or show. 

It’s all about the eyes.

The most significant variable in deciding the best side is which eye is the smallest. If you see any little difference between the eyes then I advise you to frequently photograph your subject looking straight into your lens which is an exceptionally strong view. 

If a subject’s one eye is smaller than the other then, at that point, simply use perspective to adjust things to draw nearer to that beauty concept of the two sides of the face being equal.

The simple trick is to put the smaller eye nearer to the camera focal point which will make it look bigger in relation to the bigger eye – thus – making them closer in size. You can do this with a ¾ turn of the face. Ensure the nose doesn’t break the edge of the face and be certain that you can in any case see the edge of the far eye – you don’t want the eye dropping out of the face.

Don’t forget the hair.

Another thing that can affect which side of the face you should photo – particularly for ladies is the piece of their hair and the bang. By and large – yet not generally – assuming a lady has a bang where the hair wraps across her forehead – you need to shoot from the side of the face where the hair part is – with the goal that you see a greater amount of her face.

The special case will be assuming that is the side of the face with a recognizably greater eye. There have been commonly where my makeup artist and myself have needed to attempt to persuade a model or subject that they have been separating their hair on the wrong side. When they see the difference in a photograph then they are always convinced. 

Wrap UP

In Photography, you need to figure out the details and pay attention to them. The rest of it is simply essential critical thinking. As such – this takes a great deal of training to be steady with it. I figure out all of this while talking with my subject. For some of you, that might be troublesome. If that technique doesn’t work for you then just take a variety of angles of the subject while they are doing their test shots. Review the test shots and afterwards go from that point.

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