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We all struggle with creativity and finding motivation for our photography and in this confusion, the EPIC System helps. This helps when we need a solution for lack of direction with our photographs and editing. 

The EPIC System covers each viewpoint you really need in post-processing. From by and large hope to fine changes, from subtle to intense effects. It’s all there, and it’s made so, you don’t need to go through hours editing your pictures.


  1. Select an EPIC base preset that you need to use for your photo.
  2. Find a setting preset that suits the style you need to accomplish with your picture.
  3. Apply Filter presets. These assist you with adjusting or unevenness your picture and apply effects to various pieces of the picture.
  4. After that, select a colour styling with the general colour presets.
  5. Apply colour grading to suit what you need for your picture.
  6. Effects presets let you adjust the settings applied to your picture
  7. The last adjustment presets give you strong adjustments to complete the edit.
  8. EPIC Extra presets provide you with experimental adjustments to play around with.
  9. EPIC Colour Profiles is a bunch of 30 diverse Colour Profiles to give your picture that last styling and impacts.

Make Your Portraits WOW

Here are the important to create awesome portrait photos

  • Alter your perspective
  • Use Flour to Enhance Motion
  • Use a Highlighter and a UV Light to Add Whimsy
  • Looking off-camera
  • Experiment with lighting
  • Introduce a prop

Alter your perspective

Most portraits are taken on a level with your subject, where the camera lens adjusts impeccably with the subject’s eyes.

And keeping in mind that this is a smart idea in much of the time, to enhance things up, I recommend thoroughly changing the point you shoot from.

For example, you can get as high as possible and shoot down your subject from a higher place.

Use Flour to Enhance Motion

Flour isn’t only perfect for baking. Since it’s so light and moves with such ease through the air, you can involve it to enhance motion in your photographs.

Simply grab a handful and throw it up high, and have your subject jump, spin, run, etc, and you’ll see that the flour adds that epic look you need.

Use a Highlighter and a UV Light to Add Whimsy

Everybody has a highlighter laying around the house someplace, so you should effectively utilize it for your photographs.

Highlighters are noticeable under UV light, so utilize the highlighter to draw shapes or examples on a surface (even skin!), get a UV light for about $20, and you have an economical arrangement to make some really epic representations. When you have the basics of UV light down, you can improve gear, UV paint, and truly get down to business.

Looking off-camera

Ask your model to focus on something outside the camera’s frame (a tree off to the left, a house off to the right, and so on). This can make a situation of candidness, in addition to it can make a little interest and intrigue; the viewer of the shot will think about the thing the subject is seeing, which will make them connect further with the picture.

Experiment with lighting

In portrait photography, lighting is crucial. However, I simply suggest you get familiar with the basics.

For example, soft light is for the most part best, which you can make with a softbox or you can find on a cloudy day (the golden hours can work efficiently, as well). 

For lighting direction: Front light is best stayed away from because it creates extremely level, boring pictures. Instead of great portraits, I’d suggest sidelight, which will add three-dimensionalities. I’d likewise suggest backlighting, which can make a lot of mystery.

Introduce a prop

Photographers love props. Props can add a feeling of story and spot to a picture, they can help your subject feel calmer, they can add interest, shading, and surface. 


So don’t be afraid to carry a bunch of props to your portrait photoshoot. Then, at that point, give your subjects the ones that appear to fit with the scene or potentially their character, and get photographing!

Wrap Up

Thus these are some tips and tricks that you can follow to make your portraits EPIC and the best part is you can follow any step from wherever you want to start. 

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