As a portrait photographer, it’s your job to make your subject look great in their portraits. Double chin is not complimenting, and it makes your subject a lot heavier than they actually are. In this blog, I am telling some excellent tips that will help you to thin the chin and immediately drop weight from your subject.

Here, I am going to teach you some tricks like anatomy, body language, camera angles, and lighting so that you learn to reduce the problems that will ruin your shots and also, you’ll learn to reduce the double chin problem. I want you to try these things yourself because only by trying yourself you can actually learn them. 

A double chin is worst to photograph since it frequently makes individuals look heavier than they truly are, and surprisingly a thin individual can also get it. The heavier the individual is, the more incomprehensible it can become to wipe out or conceal the double chin. 

Some tips to reduce double chin: –

Head Forward

The first tip is to ask your subject to stretch their forehead forward and down, which pulls the skin around the neck tight and creates a more flattering front-on portrait.

Now, here is the thing… you can’t just tell your subject to stretch their neck or to push it forward. While giving directions, take the camera away from your face and make eye contact with your subject. Lean in, do the task yourself, and also give them positive feedback. In other words, keep the subject engaged.

Change the pose

You can ask your subject to change the pose. Shooting your model from a slight angle can help reduce the double chin and make your portrait perfect. 

Create the Shadow 

You can create a shadow by using lighting to reduce the double chin. By raising the light over the subject, you will make a shadow beneath the chin, which conceals the unattractive free skin.

Shoot from Above 

Any time you are capturing a subject who is overweight, shooting from a higher camera point will assist with diminishing their body. Rather than shooting from straight-on, you can try shooting down at an angle towards the subject. This will reduce the double chin, creating a stronger and more angled jawline.

Shoot from Close Range 

By getting closer to your model with a broader lens, you make twisting in the face, which can make the photo complimenting. Try not to get overboard with this, as the impact can be unappealing.


If you’re working with a makeup artist, a makeup artist then it can shape the facial structure, reduce the chin to cause it to seem thinner and slenderer. A hazier shade of powder, contour or bronzer will cause the chin to seem thin. Then, at that point, a little highlighter on the tip of the chin will cause it to appear to fly forward. You need to understand that it is not a complete cure — it won’t make the extra chin disappear completely — but every little bit helps.

A little hair tip: with ladies that have long hair — having their hair up or pushed back or even better behind the shoulders will likewise assist with diminishing the neck.

You can likewise have your subject wear a high collar.

Chin Tuckers

I mentioned in the beginning that even thin people get double chins. These people we call Chin Tuckers. If your subject is a chin tucker then explain to them before lowering their chin you need the chin to travel forward.

Some Chin Tuckers really have an extremely difficult time keeping their chin out. In the present circumstance, you can change your posture to utilize life structures for your potential benefit. The thought is for them to need to slender their body somewhat forward. 

Lighting to Hide a Double Chin

So, the main tip I will give you for lighting is to keep away from clamshell lighting, where you will have light coming from underneath your subject. 

Wrap Up

By using the above tips, you can reduce the problem of double chin and make your portrait perfect. Now, go get your camera and click some photos.

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