What are the NFT Options for Fashion Models

NFT, or Non-Fungible Token is commonly used by Fashion Models to describe the time they are not in Fashion Shows. NFT comes with its own set of challenges and rewards, as well as unique NFT Options available to Fashion Models that may be different from other types of workers. Let’s look at some of the most common NFT Options for Fashion Models, including why models turn to them, how they can help your modeling career and how you can decide if this option is right for you.



Fashion models have some pretty cool opportunities to make money, including both passive and active income streams. In a sense, we are all walking billboards for clothing companies, and most consumers know that when they see us wearing their clothes or accessories. The great thing about NFT options is that they can help you make even more money off your modeling efforts while also giving fashion companies brand exposure through you.


Print campaigns

Though print models still work, NFT options are quickly becoming a favorite among models and stylists. With a wearable product as part of their campaign, models can create opportunities for brand promotion that are nearly inextricable from their daily lives—the best type of advertising. Models have also expressed how valuable it is to be able to try new trends and styles and then go about wearing them in public, creating endless free publicity for brands. Brands and stylists are getting involved too: Stylists report making it easier for shoots to come together because they already know which pieces work with each other. And more brands are creating promotional campaigns that feature specific accessories or even individual products (think Nike).


Runway shows

A runway show is an event where fashion designer displays their new clothing lines to buyers, journalists, and other members of their industry. Runway shows help designers gain recognition for their work, which can lead to more lucrative contracts and more exposure in national publications. Fashion models have become synonymous with runway modeling; a celebrity could not attract such attention without being exceptionally attractive, quick-witted and talented in front of an audience. But there are options for non-celebrity models who would like to take part in runway shows that help them develop skills that may serve them throughout their careers.


Commercial jobs

Fashion models typically contractually earn a flat fee, plus extra for every photo used. Some models also negotiate things like product placement in ad campaigns or other marketing exposure. The Non-Forced To option (NFT) is basically a royalty paid for each time an image is used by another party. This can be tricky and more work than it’s worth, unless you’re going to have several major placements in a year or an established track record that could justify it. Either way, it’s something you’ll want to discuss with your agency before committing to anything.



Fashion models have been using NFT options to sell their photos and digital products for a while. This option allows them to sell items like custom postcards, greeting cards and calendars which gives them an easy way to make money with blogging. To understand how it works, let’s take a look at three different examples: Custom Postcards for Fashion Models: These are customized templates that you can design however you want. Customers choose from your available templates or request one from you directly and then they customize it by filling in their own information (ex: name, address) and mailing it off.


Instagram opportunities

There are different types of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that fashion models can get to increase their following and exposure. One example is an Instagram opportunity in which a brand buys your Instagram likes and comments for a specific period (24 hours, 48 hours, etc.). This can cost between $10 and $25 per post. This type of option will give you more exposure on Instagram and help you grow your followers by using other people’s follower base, as opposed to getting all new followers on your own.




When considering your options, remember that there is no one size fits all with regard to fashion models. Some may be able to thrive using freelance work, while others find agency work suits them better. Whatever you choose, though, know that it’s okay to experiment; just keep an open mind about different opportunities and think about what works best for you as a model. If NFT opportunities fit your individual style and goals, go for it.

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