The Timeless Collection: 10 Must-Have Wedding Photos

By Neeraj
October 14, 2020

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, so it’s only natural that you want to capture all the memories in pictures. But with so much happening on this big day, it can be hard to remember all the photos that need taking.

Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll list 10 must-have wedding photographs you should ensure are taken during your big day. You can choose from many styles, from classic shots with family and friends to beautiful scenery photos outside the venue.

So read on for our advice on ensuring your wedding album has every memory captured.

The 10 Wedding Photos You Need to Take – A Complete List

The wedding day, often described as the most magical day in a couple’s life, is a blend of emotions, beauty, and moments worth treasuring forever. As such, having the right set of photos is critical to perfectly capture every moment, shared look, and subtle detail.

Photographs can freeze time, encapsulate emotions, and narrate a story without saying a word. As you embark on this beautiful journey, it’s important to know the must-have photos that form the backbone of your wedding album. 

Let’s dive into the world of wedding photography and explore the 10 essential photos you absolutely need to take.

1. The “Getting Ready” Shots

The moments leading up to the ceremony are filled with anticipation, excitement, and a whole lot of emotions. Capturing these candid shots, whether the bride getting her makeup done or the groom fastening his cufflinks, can bring a personal touch to your album.

2. The First Look

Few moments match the emotion and anticipation of the ‘first look.’ It’s the instant when the bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day. This can make for a truly heartfelt and unscripted photograph.

3. Wedding Attire and Accessories

Your carefully chosen and lovingly prepared wedding dress and accessories deserve their own spotlight. These images, be it of the wedding gown, veil, shoes, or the groom’s suit and tie, add a touch of elegance and personal style to the narrative.

4. The Walk Down the Aisle

This iconic moment when the bride makes her grand entrance and walks down the aisle, all eyes on her, is truly timeless. Capturing the mixed emotions on her face and the reactions of the groom and guests can yield unforgettable images.

5. The Exchange of Vows and Rings

At the heart of any wedding ceremony, exchanging vows and rings is a deeply emotional and significant moment. Close-up shots of the rings, holding hands, and emotional reactions are essential to your wedding story.

6. The First Kiss as a Married Couple

The first kiss after saying “I do” is one of the most anticipated moments of the ceremony. This passionate expression of love and cheering guests make for a magical and must-have photo.

7. The Decor and Venue

A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect decor and venue. An overview shot of the location and detailed images of the decorations, floral arrangements, and table settings add color and context to your album.

8. The Newlyweds’ Portrait

The first official portrait of a married couple is a cornerstone of your wedding photography. Experiment with different styles, from traditional and romantic to candid and fun, to showcase your chemistry and joy.

9. The First Dance

Your first dance as a married couple is a moment of pure bliss. The emotions on your faces, the romantic setting, and the captivated audience make this an absolute must-have shot.

10. The Farewell or Exit Shot

As you bid farewell to your guests and set off on your new journey, this closing shot completes your wedding album. Whether a classic car send-off or a sparkling exit, it’s a memorable end to your special day.

Bonus: The Wedding Images To Take

Your wedding album should tell your unique story in its most beautiful and authentic form. While hundreds of photos will be taken, these ten categories make up the essence of your wedding story. 

Still, it’s essential to remember that each wedding is as unique as the couple’s. 

While this list provides a starting point, the below images will also hold a unique significance for you.

11. Candid Moments

While it’s not part of the standard list, capturing candid moments can add a special touch to your wedding album. These spontaneous, random snapshots can reveal genuine emotions and bring your wedding day to life in a way that staged photos may not. 

From laughter during the best man’s speech to tears in parents’ eyes, these impromptu shots can turn out to be some of the most treasured memories.

12. The Group Photos

Let’s not forget the importance of group photos. Your wedding is also about celebrating with your closest family and friends. A group photo of everyone present or selective groups like your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or immediate family members is a must-have. 

It’s not just about documenting who was there but capturing the joy and love they shared with you on your special day.

13. Capturing the Little Details

Little details often tell more about your wedding day than the broader shots. From close-ups of the wedding invitations, menu cards, and favors to the wedding cake before it’s cut, these details will help you remember the thought and effort that went into planning your wedding.

14. The Reception

Everyone lets loose at the reception, and you can finally relax and enjoy the moment. Photos of the toasts, the dancing, the laughter, and even the food and drink serve as lasting reminders of the jubilation and shared joy of your wedding day.

15. The Wedding Party

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen play a special role in your wedding. Unique and fun shots of this cherished group can add fun to your wedding album. 

Whether it’s a staged photo or a candid capture of a shared joke, these images reflect the bonds of friendship and family.


Ultimately, your wedding day is a beautiful journey filled with precious moments you’ll want to remember forever. With these must-have shots in your wedding album, you can relive the joy, love, and emotion of this special day whenever you want. 

Your wedding photos will connect to your memories, helping you share and remember your love story for years to come. 

It’s your story, and every click is a piece of that intricate puzzle, waiting to be assembled into a breathtaking picture of love, commitment, and happiness.

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