How to Find Your Type as an Actor: 5 Easy Steps

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Knowing your actor kind will assist you to create a glance with your Headshots that will help you e-book greater auditions. Discover ways to embody your actor kind!

ACTOR kind –

The characteristics that others most without problems connect to an actor upon the first effect. This is much less about the layers of who you’re as a real man or woman and more about how you are perceived. Actors like to fight this and say, but I’m a lot extra than my kind! You can discover the depth of your skills in a class, and as soon as you’ve got established yourself with a business enterprise or a director… however it is important to make it easy for casting administrators which you’ve yet to paintings with. Maximum audition postings have breakdowns that specify the “type” they’re searching out and it’s clever to realize where you fit, and promote the heck out of it.

1. Studies –

There are hundreds of “sorts.” They variety from vast to particular. a few breakdowns will include specifics including age, voice type, and intercourse. Some can be a touch broader. Right here are a few examples –


It’s difficult to define your kind without knowing what possibilities are available. Think of all of the indicates you’ve seen and begin to notice how you will describe the characters in just a few phrases. In case you’ve not visible many indicates inside the theatre, hop to it!!! There are numerous indicates to be had online for little to no price – or take Jes DeGroot’s advice in her most current submission and visit the library. As an actor, it’s your job to be as informed as feasible.

2. Realize yourself –

This is often INSANELY difficult. However, in case you don’t understand yourself, how will you expect casting administrators to recognize anything approximately you. Specifically when they simplest have your headshot/resume/audition to move off of. Start through answering those questions…

What age range do I play? (Now not how antique you are)

What’s my physical kind? (This will be hard to assess without demanding approximately troubles that we frequently have with our physical appearance. As an actor, you need to do your first-rate to tug yourself outside of yourself (yeah right) and take this critically. While people study you who do they see? Ingenue, Vixen, main guy, Quirky side Kick, younger, old, skinny, Heavyset, Curvy, Toned, todays, Upperclass, Sloppy, and so forth.)

What type of personality/strength do I deliver off? (We all give off a positive sort of energy while we walk into a room. It’s crucial to be privy to the form of strength you provide off and what it says approximately your character. Are you energetic, kind, severe, playful, shy, quirky, friendly, spontaneous, humorous, introverted or extroverted, strong, powerful, sensitive, humble, state-of-the-art, egotistical, confident, inclined, modern/contemporary, conventional, decrease class, center elegance, top elegance, and many others?)

What’s my vocal type? In case you are unsure about a way to answer this query a great place to start is on this put up about locating your vocal variety. but recollect, your voice type is set so much more than how high or low you could sing. Are you a huge brassy belter like Sutton Foster?

3. ASK YOUR buddies, CO-workers, AND teachers –

I realize it’s far INSANELY tough to try to separate yourself from your craft. Because you are what you’re promoting in this commercial enterprise. So, as soon as you have got long gone via the grueling undertaking of looking to answer the questions in #2… placed your solutions aside and ask your pals. Here’s the maximum vital factor of asking your pals, co-employees, and teachers. After you ask them – listen!!! Don’t disagree or argue. Pay attention and take some time to surely reflect on consideration on what they are saying. A few human beings might indeed be way off, or some may deliver the solutions that they assume you want to hear – but you are certain to get a few outstanding solutions in case you make the effort to certainly ask a handful of humans and without a doubt take a seat with their answers. ***if you feel funny asking for advice, I propose you suck it up and do it besides. : ) however, if you need to assist getting up the braveness to invite for assist attempt www.typecastme.com. I’ve now not simply used this provider, but it looks pretty candy.

4. Evaluate

I frequently say it’s horrific to evaluate yourself to others… however in this case you have to start somewhere. Find a successful actor who has a kind much like yours. Then take the jobs they’ve played and emerge as familiar with them. Might you be most likely to play the identical parts as Sutton Foster, Audra McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth, Chita Rivera, Annaleigh Ashford, Norbert Leo Butz, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Billy Porter, or Josh Gad? ***if you are a child/teenager begin by seeking out actors who are your modern age, after which additionally do that for actors who’re older than you. In kids’ theatre, you’ll once in a while play elements that you aren’t proper for yet… but that you will be right for finally. You would possibly as well get a start on the one’s roles now!!***

5. Take delivery of

Adequate so right here’s the toughest part of this entire “Actor type” aspect. After you figure out your type, prevent preventing IT! Receive your actor kind and celebrate IT! If Josh Gad notion he becomes the main guy and most effective went in for those roles, he would no longer be cast. And, then we’d now not have his goofy voice charming the pants off of kids all around the globe as Olaf in Disney’s Frozen.

Right here’s my current example. I, virtually, surely love the show inside the Heights. The chance Theatre is maintaining auditions for his or her manufacturing of the show in early April. I will try to pretend that I am right for it because I have darkish hair and I’m married to John Dominguez… but, I don’t speak Spanish, nor have I spent any time running on a Spanish accent, and The chance Theater is placed in Southern California in which there are without a doubt numerous other Hispanic actors who could be better for the show kind sensible. If I wasn’t extraordinary pregnant, I’d visit the audition for a laugh or for the off threat that they are seeking out an Irish/Italian kind. However, I’d be better off auditioning for a show that I’m the right type for than having my heart set on a position that isn’t virtually for me.

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