How to Move Your Acting Career Forward During Industry Slow Downs

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The fundamentals

Budget First

If you’ve been making any extensive part of your earnings in a few vicinities of the leisure industry, an industry slowdown, or worse yet, shutdown, may be financially devastating. This time around we saw loads of casting director open calls and generals at the beginning of quarantine, and at the same time as I’m as thankful as anybody else for the possibilities, it also made it excellent hard to honor all of these and deal with a way to pay the bills. You need to be ingesting and have a roof over your head…. and understand that you’ll once more subsequent month, to be at all innovative. Contend with your earnings first and spend a bit greater time on monetary planning for the next three-6 months. Map out exceptional and worst-case scenarios and what your options are either way.

Easy It Up

Do you understand all of that stuff you’ve been meaning to get around to…? The clutter across the house, that pile of papers for your table, the messy cabinets or closet, and the digital clutter that has built up on your phone and pc…? Easy it up! Just get it executed. Inner chaos makes for external chaos, and the reverse is also real. Brought bonus: whilst you clear up the antique junk you’re sending a sign to the universe that you are ready for more “new and true” for your lifestyles. If you’re open to it, I’d enormously endorse that you feng shui your area. You could do that to convey more concord, love, higher relationships, career, and/or prosperity.

Detox Your Inbox

Do you have a backlog of unread emails in your inbox? Most people do. One in each of my side-hustles for several years became productiveness education, and all and sundry I labored with had a pretty big backlog of emails. And they all said they observed it disturbing. Solution human beings, respond, examine, delete and unsubscribe. I’m also a large fan of computerized sorting of emails as they come in. strive to put in place mail regulations so all your industry-related emails go into one mailbox, purchasing, any other, non-public, another, newsletters, another. Then you could choose and pick out the instances to address matters and also you aren’t inundated all of sudden. as an example, I study all buying and alternate papers at night time while I can sit down and loosen up. It also allows me to the consciousness of business stuff throughout the day.


Quality Face forward

Do you need new headshots? Is it time to tweak your branding? How are your demo clips searching or your demo reel? And whilst become the remaining time you looked at your resume? Promotional materials get worn out rapidly, especially these days whilst the enterprise is changing more swiftly than ever. You’ve got the time proper now without an entire lot of pressure of auditions so undergo and…

Make the edits, perhaps pick distinctive pics out of your ultimate headshot shoot. Get top-notch essential and similarly creative with where and the way you want to place yourself in the subsequent 6 months to a yr moving forward. Additionally, right now, with so many productions being not on time or even canceled, it’s a slower time for all of us. Retailers, who don’t have a whole lot of something to pitch on may be greater open to reviewing your materials and giving comments.

Update your footage

Whether or not it’s footage from projects you’ve shot or your library of self-tapes, these substances may be useful in your agent whilst they’re pitching you to a casting director who hasn’t seen you earlier than or perhaps going for a function that is towards type.

Bring together all of your present footage and make a list of productions and clips. If anything is lacking attain out to the correct human beings to get it or rent a person to do an air check for you.

Edit the photos for clips that exceptionally represent you. Ensure the whole lot is uploaded to YouTube and to your IGTV (casting administrators seem to be the usage of this an increasing number of!) perhaps take some of your great clips and reduce them together for a demo reel. Be sure to preserve it to a minute and a half of or much less, and separate comedy from drama.

Now organize your self-tapes the same way you probably did along with your pictures. Maintain a listing of the entirety: what it turned into, who the CD changed into, and whether or not you purchased any notes or a callback. Add the whole thing to YouTube as unlisted motion pictures that handiest you and your rep have hyperlinks to, and keep in mind having the entirety on a hidden page of your website. 

Revamp Your Online Profiles

Now that your headshots and resume are all cleaned up, ensure that you also clean up your very own website if you have one, and all your casting profiles.

Evaluate your pics and media which you have online

Take a look at e-mail addresses and other touch info to make sure the whole lot is correct and contemporary so humans can locate you if they need to e-book or request an audition

Make certain that your special skills are up to date and if appropriate, shoot a 20 2nd clip of you doing it and publish it to your online profiles. Are you a ballerina on ice? Olympic level fencer? Or a badass with a skateboard? It’s no longer enough to inform casting, they need to look it!

Set a reminder on your calendar to test lower back in on those in three-4 months to keep everything clean.


Now that you’ve done all the clean-up and you’ve your promotional materials in the area, it’s time to attend to the business as a part of things.

Make a brand new target listing

Who do you need to paintings within the coming months? What casting administrators haven’t you seen? Are there suggestions you’d love to get a spot on? Any writers, directors, or producers that you may hook up with on social media or shoot a quick notice to? And what approximately reps? Now that everybody has a bit of a breather, they tend to be more open to new connections. reach out, be authentic, and spot if you could spark a dating.

Take a look at out a category

Has it been a while because you’ve been in an appearing magnificence? Are you looking for a new vicinity to observe? Or perhaps to comb up in your improv, comedy, scene examines, or advertisements. In case you’re low on finances, plenty of studios let you audit for a completely small fee or maybe free! Take a look at the nearby directories for classes for your region or leap online and spot what’s available on YouTube.



Casting administrators are doing AMAs almost every day on Instagram and in general, tend to be attractive with talent greater through tales and posts. Be beneficent along with your likes, perspectives, and remarks and not always search for interest or validation yourself – casting administrators are humans too, so don’t inundate them with neediness. Create a few cool content materials, make it entertaining and tag human beings – we may want to all use a little entertainment proper now.

For human beings you realize in my view, shoot them a text or even an email or just interact with their social profiles extra. Every business flourishes on relationships, and the enjoyment industry especially. You in no way recognize wherein it might lead, and it just feels suitable.


We’re all going via hard instances right now with pressure ranges peaking. Strive to loosen your grip on the emotional guide vodka each every so often and supply yourself a few genuine, uninhibited self-care. Sleep a little longer, take naps, eat nutritious meals, meditate, pray – do something that cares for your body and facilities your soul. This isn’t pretty much getting thru this and surviving, it’s about living your lifestyles and thriving in the system.

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