Your relationship to this person
What is their well-known persona type?
What do you love approximately this person?
Wherein are you similar? i.e. “How are they just like me?”
What makes you uncomfortable approximately playing this component?

Own family & training history
Who were this person’s dad and mom? And did they grow up with each mother and father?
Have been they closer to their mom or their father?
Do they’ve siblings? Are they near? Why or why not?
What position did she play together with her circle of relatives as a toddler?
Wherein did they grow up? If they left, why?
If they went to post-secondary school, which did they cross to school?
What did they important in? Why did they pick out that main?
Did they revel in it? Changed into it clean or difficult for them?
Did they pay for their schooling? Do they’ve debt?

Activity / career
What do they do for a living? And the way do they feel about it?
How long have they been doing this?
What are they professional at?
What do other humans say they’re suitable at?

Money + price range
How a whole lot of money do they make a yr.?
Are they content material with this, or do they want extra?
Do they’ve financial savings? Investments? Or are they dwelling paycheck to paycheck?

Lifestyle + character developments
Married? Single? Stay on my own? Or with a person?
Do they’ve pets? Plant life? If so, what kind, and why?
In which do they live? What area of the metropolis? What sort of living?
What receives her or him up within the morning? What motivates them?
What’s their morning recurring like?
Are they a past due night person or a morning character?
Do they exercise? If so what do they do?
What is their ordinary day-by-day weight loss program like? (Donuts or Salads?
Do they drink, smoke, or do drugs?
What’s it that they simply can’t resist?
What form of shows do they watch on Netflix?
What does he or she do to unwind?

Are they in a critical courting proper now? If so, is it desirable or horrific? How do they treat each other?
How did they meet?
If they stay on my own, is it unmarried by using desire? Divorced? Widowed?
Who are the maximum important people in his or her existence?
Who (or what) broke this person’s, coronary heart?

What are they obsessed with?
What do they cover from the world?
In which is he or she sturdy? Where are they vulnerable?
Where are they overly confident or constructive, not simply being practical?
Wherein do they promote themselves briefly?
Where are they out of balance?
What does their internal critic usually say?
What makes them snigger privately?
If she or he had lunch/liquids / coffee with their best pal these days, what would they speak approximately?
How does she or he revel in the world? Is it a terrific vicinity? Happy, fun, unhappy hard?
What happens when they take a seat quietly for five mins? Can they?
Call one experience that changed this individual’s life?
What does he or she need to do earlier than they die?

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