Barbie modeling, also known as Compact modeling, is one of the hottest trends to hit the modeling world in decades. This new trend can be traced back to Japan but has quickly taken over America as well due to its high level of popularity among young girls and their parents who want them to get into modeling at an early age. Barbie modeling combines two types of modeling, fashion model and doll model, into one category that’s sure to help your business grow exponentially! Read on to learn more about the fascinating world of Barbie modeling (Compact modeling).

Introduction to Compact modeling

Barbie Modeling (Compact Modelling) is one such career where youngsters can make a name for themselves as models or aspirants. Barbie modeling has gained tremendous momentum in recent years, primarily due to Bollywood and TV commercials getting involved with it. This has become a trend now, with numerous big brands opting for contestants from television reality shows like ‘Roadies’ and ‘Splitsvilla’. Also on its demand comes an increase in Barbie model contests organized by companies that provide training and guidance on how to proceed further in these line careers. Barbie modeling thus gives Indian youth an alternative to Bollywood as they think it is a more promising industry.

Barbie modeling with everyday objects

A Barbie doll is a fashion doll manufactured by American toy company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959. American business Woman Ruth Handler was awarded for making a doll with a German doll named Bild Lilli as her inspiration. Barbie is estimated to be worth US$3 billion, making her one of America’s most valuable brands. She has been an important part of the toy fashion brand and has been an icon for women’s role in society since her inception.  Barbie has had over 130 careers including those of astronaut, presidential candidate, doctor, pilot, and singer. The Barbie line also includes family members and pets such as dogs and cats. The name Barbie was first used by Barbara Millicent Roberts on March 9, 1957, when she applied for a United States patent for BARBIE DOLL. It was granted on July 28, 1959. It was applied to all Mattel dolls later that year. Barbie is sold in more than 150 countries where she appears in about 150 different occupations.

Barbie modeling with toys

Barbie’s svelte, flat-chested figure was a big part of her appeal. It allowed kids to dress her up in all kinds of clothing and costumes that would have been impossible on an average-sized doll. It also allowed a toymaker to use Barbie as a model for all sorts of merchandise, from clothes to cars and everything in between. This practice started off with Barbie dolls but has spread to other toys as well—especially when those toys are made by Mattel. That’s because Mattel is known for creating diecast models based on popular vehicles from their Hot Wheels and Matchbox lines. The figures are called Barbie Models, due to their resemblance to Barbie’s hourglass figure in both scale and proportion.

Barbie Modelling with human hair

This can be known as Barbie Modelling with human hair. This hair is heat safe, easy to deal with, and is not expensive. Barbie modelers use human hair instead of Barbie’s original plastic hair because they think it provides more versatility, both in styling and color options, as well as being able to use any kind of hairdryer or flat iron to style it. In truth, there is little difference between these two materials except that real human hair is a lot more expensive than toy plastic.

How to get into Barbie Modelling 

First, you must be over 18 years old. You must also measure at least 5’8 tall or if you are under 18 then you need to be 5’8 by your 18th birthday. If you are under 21 you will also need a parent or guardian to approve your contract before it is signed if you are a minor (under 18). Second, take a good-quality photo with a plain background and nice clothes showing off your figure. Make sure that clothes are not too tight on the body, shoes are closed to the toe, and heels are small like 2 inches high.


Although Barbie Modeling (Compact modeling) is a relatively new field, many women have already successfully become part of it. It provides numerous benefits to these girls and women who are interested in working as models. All things considered, Barbie Modeling (Compact modeling) can provide not only financial stability but also new opportunities for people to grow professionally. Like any other niche industry, Barbie Modeling (Compact modeling) does have its downsides. That said, if you’re going to get into it anyway, you might as well take advantage of all that it has to offer.

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