You know, sometimes we all have that special thing… a spark! Whether it’s in our personal lives or professional careers, if we’re lucky enough to get the opportunity, we love playing that part! And no matter how well we know the material, as long as we know what we want to do and how that will help us reach our goals, then having the ability to perform is the very best thing we can ask of ourselves. There are so many different ways you can be an actor that doesn’t take up too much time and keep you busy on your own time, but the real benefit is when you aren’t taking up space with another person. That means more hours in front of the camera, whether it’s acting in movies, TV shows, commercials, and anything else you sees out there; and yes, the money you make should be going towards something that will benefit you and your family. So take advantage of getting to be a big star, but before you get started, here are some good audition tips for people who are hoping to get into the acting world.

1.) Be yourself. The key to giving your natural voice, presence, and charisma is being who you are and not trying to fit in. This isn’t necessarily about pretending to be someone else, though it’s important to let go of those ideas of wanting to “be anyone else.” If you don’t like what you see, it’s okay to say a lot of bad things that turn you off of acting. In your job, you can’t be in every movie that comes out, and you can only be there one at a time. I’m sure there are plenty of other people that enjoy this way of life. Your audience is your audience, and so it’s okay to just enjoy the ride.

2.) Don’t be afraid to show off. Everyone has a social media account under their name that they use to interact with their peers, friends, and followers. Use it to shine, but also to showcase your talent and showcase your art. It will pay off. A lot of times, if you need to create content that is appealing to others, then creating content that makes sense and has them interested in buying from your brand is your best bet. Not everyone makes the same choices when choosing their business partners. However, many others are looking for brands that understand how to connect with their fans, and that’s how it would be easy for you to start selling your product or service. When you are putting together a web page or using social media marketing, don’t be afraid to show off your skills and talents and build relationships with your customers.

3.) Make it fun. Yes, making your online presence look amazing is vital to helping drive traffic and sales off of your site and landing pages. But it should also make your experience easier for yourself so that you and your fellow visitors aren’t too stressed when deciding where to spend their time during their visit. Think of posting your daily weather update, pictures of pets as well as photos of yourself or even videos of your food… any and everything that brings happiness to your day-to-day life. Remember, the main goal is to give followers and viewers an awesome experience; however, do your best not to spam, sell them on your products, or get angry with them if they make a mistake. Have your posts be engaging to your reader, and make them remember your brand when they decide to purchase something from your store. Once your site is live, start posting content like this and watch your traffic increase!

4.) Make mistakes. Of course, a lot of actors and actresses are going to make mistakes. Even if you’re a huge fan of your talent and are confident that everything you put out there is great, there are bound to be moments in which you will fall and get rejected from projects. Take note and try to avoid these things. Being a perfectionist won’t help in any way, but what works for you might make others uncomfortable.

5.) Understand why you shouldn’t take a role. While it is fine if you are unhappy with your performance, remember that it is also okay to give yourself a hard time when rejection happens. Some people might think you’re overconfident or arrogant for not taking roles because they’re scared of failing at finding out all of you that they couldn’t even imagine. Understandably, you’ve always wanted to do this type of career and make sure everybody knows of your abilities, but don’t let that stop you from proving yourself by giving opportunities that you are capable of doing. Also, keep an eye out for upcoming movie releases for your character, or a friend of yours who needs acting in their resume. These have been known to result in increased offers and casting calls. Keep all these pieces in mind while working as an actor.

6.) Stay humble. Most of us are not born with the intelligence or skill sets needed to play a certain role in life. Most of us have got to learn them all on our own, though. Just ask most children that can read and write! Humble yourselves, you know that you don’t know everything, but you know that the things that you’ve done have taken place. One thing you cannot control is how people react to your performances, but you can and should try to remain positive and understanding if you find ways to bring laughter and joy to your audiences. You may be surprised how much an actual performance you can pull off by simply making some extra effort.

7.) Build back better. After coming from a horrible breakup, it might seem like a nightmare for a lot of us to move onto a new place that gives us hope, something to go along with that has nothing to do with love. When you have found yourself looking around and realizing that you’ve gotten a taste of the countryside for the first time and that new adventures await, you will need to pick your battles wisely and find ways to improve yourself. First, realize that one of your biggest challenges is learning how to relate to people that speak a different language or have a different culture. Learning how to live with this knowledge will allow you to become comfortable with whatever people you meet on the road. Second, learning how to adapt to the differences of others will allow you to have the confidence to relate to them and be themselves. Lastly, realize that these changes don’t happen overnight. They aren’t like a switch changing on or a car starting, they happen over time, but it’s important to realize that. Instead of blaming or resenting the change, focus on improving yourself instead, and seeing what opportunities you can offer. You can be an incredible actress, no matter who you are, and take advantage of the opportunity that exists to make it what it is.

8.) Follow your heart. No matter what your career path is, no matter what stage of life you are at, if you love acting, and you are determined enough to follow your passion, that is your story. As you get older, you begin to understand why you loved performing as much as you did. What you didn’t really like, was how much control you had in making decisions that were based on emotions. Now, you no longer need so much reassurance or validation. It becomes increasingly obvious who you truly are and what you value in life. Taking these clues to heart and showing it off to whoever you see will eventually lead to the ultimate accomplishment, acting.

9.) Get comfortable in your skin. We all know how uncomfortable our bodies get when we start taking steps to feel better about our shape and appearance. People tend to look down at us before we’ve even got a chance to even fully recognize who we are. However, it’s also important to remember that what people see, first impressions, first impressions aren’t always what you see on the inside. Things that you can hide on the inside are things you can hide on the outside, as well. Getting comfortable when you are getting a bit thinner, trying to lose weight, and feeling happier than ever is necessary. It takes courage to open up to your body, but it’s also crucial to open up to you as an individual because you know that there are places where you cannot hide your feelings, and those are places that you need to grow as a person.

10.) Know yourself. Every success story starts somewhere, whether it was winning a battle, being able to stand up against hardship, or overcoming obstacles as you sought the fame that came with acting. It all starts somewhere in your life. Either it was a job and being told you didn’t have what it took to get a top position, or taking that leap into acting, and seeing the difference that you could do once you did, or experiencing rejection at the beginning of your acting journey was extremely difficult… no one can deny what happened. At the end of the day, we aren’t always right, and even if people tell you otherwise, know this, it happens. It is normal, and we are only human. Because the truth of the matter is that, you never know how it was until after years and countless rejections. There is always another step to take, and sometimes it is the worst step. Nobody wants to leave you now, but we are human after all, and the only word that will be appropriate is “LOVE” while holding your hand. The next time somebody asks you a question, whether about what you like/dislike, or a little bit about your life, don’t give them the answer just yet. Trust me, they will come up empty and then call you out again the moment you are ready to respond: “I… I…” This tactic is meant to get a response that says, “You are such an interesting girl,” to get you to stop thinking for yourself. The next time somebody mentions something that you know about, say something like “I am…” Again, this is a

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